Sunday, January 27, 2013

Time For a Change

I know I am not getting off on a very good start on my new years resolution (which was to post in my blog once a week) but in my defense I did write a post last week... I was just to chicken to publish it.

Any-who.. I am the worst when it comes to my hair. I neglect until it gets so bad that something has to be done. My last hair cut was in September of 2011. That was16 months ago!

Usually I will go drastic and cut it all off but this time I decided I wanted to keep some length while still doing something different. This is what I went with: 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year?

I have to confess that although I had plenty of great things happen for me this year, this has been one of the worst years I can remember. When I was thinking about what my New Years resolution(s) would be for 2013 I immediately started to rattle off those same trusty things I swear to resolve every year: Loose 10 lbs, become more organized, be more punctual. Every single year I fail... miserably! So this year I think I will try something different. Instead of "making" resolutions, I will set goals for myself. Suddenly becoming more organized or punctual are too vague. I need to hold myself accountable and I think my first goal (although a little late) is going to be writing in my blog once a week. I think I will end this blog by posting one of my accomplishments from last year. My college diploma.  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to school blues

It's only the second week back to school for me and it's already kicking my ass. I spent 8 hours yesterday trying to construct 3D models of various atoms, bonds, and compounds for my biology class. Yes that's right, I said biology. Why are we doing chemistry the second week of biology? That is a great question. I would like to know that myself. My models ended up looking like something a preschooler could have put together but I'm telling you, it looks easier than it is! Not to mention I'm one of the most least crafty people on the planet, this is just not my forte. Here are some pictures of my lovely art work so you and I, and all the people in your office can have a good laugh.

This is a chlorine atom.  

This is suppose to be sodium chloride. 

There was an upside to my grueling friday however, I received a package from Fedex! I have been wanting a pair of aviator sunglasses for ever and I happened to stumble upon a pair of Steve Madden aviators for a mere $40 while ordering my make-up from Dillards. I though,  "eh, why not?". Anyway, I love them! What do you think?

This was suppose to be my serious police officer face lol. 

I think they're cute! Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a hard knock life.

The hardest thing about blogging is coming up with interesting things to blog about. No one cares if you have a crap day or if your kids are driving you up the wall. I really wanted this to be a productive blog. A blog about things I do, things I see, things I experience, things I try, etc. It's come to my attention that I am quite boring and rarely do I venture out.

That time of year has come around again, back to school that is. My husband is a full time student, working on his bachelors degree. I am a full time student trying working on my associates degree, and my son is a full time Kindergartener this year. Also my daughter is in ballet, my son is in t ball and both kids are doing AWANAs through our church. It's busy and I love it!

I'm so excited for the weather to change. It's like having a fresh start. Pulling out your fall wardrobe and putting away your summer stuff. The fresh, crisp fall air. All the festivals, hay rides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and build up to the holidays.

Stay classy San Diego.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm now officially ready to bust out my fall wardrobe!

Summer was fun but I'm looking forward to fall. Skinny jeans, comfy sweaters, and BOOTS! Bring on the boots.

Steve Madden made the perfect fall boot when he came up with the "Intyce" style. I saw them on piperlime and instantly knew they had to be mine! I've never ordered from piperlime before but the free shipping and free returns policy sucked me in. I placed my order on Saturday and I received it on that Wednesday. So piperlime gets ✭✭✭✭✭ stars on quick delivery. Also, it was beautifully packaged. The box was delicately wrapped in tissue paper and included a thank you card from piperlime and a shopping bag.

  The reviews on piperlime were extremely helpful. Everyone suggested going up a half size so that is what I did and I'm glad because they fit perfectly! The leather is really soft and I love the color. They're beautiful and I can't wait to wear them this fall!

The moral of my story is not only am I all set for cooler weather, I will most definitely be ordering from piperlime in the near future.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I am a member of a social networking site called Cafemom. It's where mom's can chat with each other about life, love, and family : ) Cafemom is always having contests an giving away prizes. They are sponsored by hundreds of companies who give people products to test out and share how they felt about them.

I was fortunate enough to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab in a sweepstakes from Cafemom! It is small, thin, and super versatile! I'm going to be able to ditch my old planner and put everything on my new tab. The calendar feature is really easy to use. Just plug in what you've got going on and the time and voila! It has a camera, video chat, apps, contact list, web, video, music, and pretty much anything you can think of. You can read books on it, shop online, you can do pretty much everything on it. The screen is nice and big and super clear. Everything is in high def!

                                                   WOO HOO!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mediocre Milly

I have been going back and forth on what I want this blog to be. At first I was going to have it be about all the things I attempted to do. I am a self proclaimed Mediocre Milly. What is a Mediocre Milly you might ask? It means I can do pretty much everything but I'm not great at any of it. I was going to put together a series of projects I attempted to do and see what came out shining and what totally bombed. While I still may do that, I think I'm going to add in everything in between. This blog is going to be one big smorgasbord. My life, my interests, my projects, my wardrobe, great bargains, home decorating, family, and friends. EVERYTHING! I hope to peek some interests along the way.

The hubby and I hit up a local winery today, Oak Crest Winery. We had a wine tasting and selected a couple of gems.

Cannon Ridge Red is a special edition wine. It was created especially for the anniversary of the cilvil war. It is a very smooth merlot. Absolutely delicious. One of a kind!

The second one we picked up is called Symphony. They have a sweet version and a dry version of symphony. We choose the sweet. It's a dessert wine that has a floral fragrance, is very smooth and just the right amount of sweet. YUM!

Here is a link to the winery's website if you're interested.

I am drinking the Cannon Ridge Red tonight.